Hotel Service

Nowadays, the term 'luxury' has been overused to the point of degradation. Everything seems to have a 'luxury' component, from detergents, coffee blends and even hotels in derry. However, in the view of demanding, experienced luxury travellers, 'luxury hotel' has to have a specific meaning. Generally, the hospitality accepts hotel star ratings set up by AAA, Forbes and other organizations that are critically-minded. Guests in hotels high rates retain the right to get certain services of high standards such as in rooms, in dining,in the outdoor facilities, in service and everything else offered by a good hotel. Below are some of the services guests can expect from luxury hotels.

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Fast, Discreet, Easy Checkin and Checkout

There is nothing as frustrating as a guest waiting on a long checkin queue when he or she has spent the whole day just getting to the hotel. Luxury guests dislike having to wait. Their luggage should not take more than ten minutes to arrive into their room. Luxury hotels should offer express or video checkouts, while discrepancies on their bills should be swiftly settled. In addition, they should have respectful, easy and intelligent planning. The reservation process, whether done by a travel agent or other parties like LuxuryLink, by phone or online should be simple while the guest gets all the help they need. 

Enlightened Service Features 

Guests in luxury hotels should have the feeling that they are appreciated and valued. They should expect personnel who greets them with a warm smile at all the counters. Housekeeping should be thorough, dependable and quiet. A maid should never remove anything belonging to a guest, including wet shower caps, half-drunk water bottles or empty shopping bags. In addition, it is essential to have a nightly turndown service. 

Heavily ammoniated cleaners or others with a high chemical smell should not be used by housekeeping, or cleaning products with a cheap perfume smell. This does not apply to a guest's room but also the hotels restaurants and common areas. Nowadays there are more natural, non-irritating products readily available. Handymen and maintenance personnel should appear in a guest's room within minutes of being called to solve any problem such as a jammed coffee maker or locked safe. Outdoor workers and gardeners should not interfere with guests' enjoyment of the hotel. They should not walk around across the lawn in front of a guest's lounger or do their work near a pool chaise. 

Excellent Hotel Dining

Even small boutique hotels should offer their guests places to eat as well as another place that they can have drinks. The bar and restaurant should be attractive and offer excellent food. It is a must that room service is offered. It should be offered around the clock in urban hubs. Many hotels include breakfast as part of the room rate, particularly in Europe. Usually, such breakfasts are excellent buffets. In America, hotels offering complimentary breakfast too often supply cottony bagels, packaged cereals only and the likes. Additionally, the food should be served by polite and respectful waiters.